Chosen Bondsmen

It is narrated by M’aad bin Jabal that when the Apostle of God sent him to Yemen, he gave him this advice: “O M’aad”, he said, “Avoid luxury. The chosen bondsmen of the Lord are not ease-loving and self-indulgent.”

Though it is not forbidden to lead a life of ease and luxury, it does not befit the worthy bondmen of the Lord. They would better abstain from it. O Lord! There is no joy other than the joy of Futurity denotes the ideal rule of conduct for them.

Source: Ma’riful Hadith



  • j. aly

    Salam alekom…

    i am a firm believer that a person should not live above their means. enjoy the comforts of life but do not over due it and put yourself in debt.
    i am happy for all who can live in a lavish style but for me, i rather be poor and comfortable and happy than to live above my means and be miserable about it.

    Alhamdulillah material things do not matter much to me as long as i have Allah in my heart always! Allah will see that i will have what i need.


  • sayed reshma

    as sallam ale qum brother jazakulqhair for information we shoulid always thanks ALLAH SWT for every little things


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