Are You an Asset

Although the number of good people in the world is decreasing, I still know many.

But more important than knowing good people is asking myself, “Am I considered a good person?”

Good as in sincere, genuine, well-mannered, fair & kind, balanced & trying to please my Maker.

Are you ready to make an effort to be an asset to yourself & humanity at large?

Then you are a good person too! Alhamdulillah.

Mufti Ismail Menk

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  • suleman musa yusif

    In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful.
    The regulation governing the seeking from the jinns and satan and making vows to them.
    from suleman musa yusif to those who are muslims, may Allah bless them ameen. may peace, mercy and blessing be upon to you all.

    Some people at the time of calamities invoke certain forces and seek their help, they invoke for instance; The jinns and give offerings and sacrifices of animal to them,some of them cry out saying, “O you seven take him!” meaning thereby seven chiefs of the jinns. they might also say “O you seven inflict on him such and such things…….break his bones.drink his blood, mutilate his body “some of them may say, “O the jinns of noon time, oh the jinns of Asr (evening)time, take him”such paractice are privellent in some of the southern areas. in addition,there is also the invoking of the death,including the prophets, the novel soul and the angelas and the other. they are invoke and their help is sought, unfortunately by many profess the islam faith. they do so due to ignorance and due to desire to imitate and fallow what was the practice by their fore fathers.
    some of them may justify their actions by saying “This is something in vague, we do not mean anything by it nor do we have any faith in it”

    I answer to above, i wish to state the following:

    – praise is to Allah,the one and only Allah and blessing and peace be upon the prophet of Allah, who was the last of all prophets, peace and blessing also be upon on his family,his companions and on all those who will abide by the path of right guidance untill the day of judgement.

    varily Allah the almighty has created the human beings and jinns in order to worship Him (Allah) along.


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