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How to Leave Facebook

Shaykh Sulaiman Moola gives advice on how to leave facebook and practical tips on avoiding returning to facebook.

Reality of Love

This talk was delivered at the London Muslim Centre in East London on the 9th Feb 2014 at the Ingredients to a Happy and Content Life. In this talk Mufti Abdur Rahman covers the reality of love and the true love.

Importance of Sunnah

Beautiful speech about the importance of sunnah delivered by Shaykh Hassan Ali (Hafizahullah) in Masjid-E-Usman Walsall on 31/03/2013.

Benefits of Reciting Durood

Benefits of reciting Durood by Shaykh Mohammed Sindhi

Power of Allah

The Power of Allah by Shaykh Ahmad Ali

Spirituality in a material world

Spirituality in a material world by Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq

The Prophet (s) – A Mercy for the Worlds

This discourse provides a comparative insight and contemporary description of the many ways in which the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is a mercy to the Muslims, non-Muslims and to the whole of mankind. The Prophet (ﷺ): A Mercy for the Worlds – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq As the state of humanity sank deeper into the world […]