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Benefits of Reciting Durood

Benefits of reciting Durood by Shaykh Mohammed Sindhi

Power of Allah

The Power of Allah by Shaykh Ahmad Ali

The Prophet (s) – A Mercy for the Worlds

This discourse provides a comparative insight and contemporary description of the many ways in which the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is a mercy to the Muslims, non-Muslims and to the whole of mankind. The Prophet (ﷺ): A Mercy for the Worlds – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq As the state of humanity sank deeper into the world [...]

Ya Sayyidi Rasulana

A Beautiful Arabic Nasheed written by Imam Zain Al-’Aabideen, in which this poet is expressing his love for our Beloved Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم by conveying Durood (Salutations) upon him! Recited by Maulana Imtiyaz Sidat, I love to hear this frequently.

Our Relationship With the Quran

Our Relationship With the Quran by Mufti Saiful Islam

Love & Mercy of Allah

Love and Mercy of Allah by Shaykh Ahmad Ali Venue: Nusratul Islam Masjid, Oldham Uploaded by IslamicPosters.co.uk & MasjidLive.com Twitter: @islamicposters

Purification of the Heart

Living in a world full of temptations and desires, it can be very easy for us to lose track and fall for its glamour. There comes a time when we can no longer ourselves control our inner self, rather we turn our attention to Shuyookh (spiritual leaders) who have mastered this field and received guidance [...]