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Ten Tips for Ramadhan

As the blessed month of Ramadhan approaches, we need to prepare for it in such a way that we can gain the maximum benefit of this month. For many, Ramadhan comes and goes. However, very few people actually benefit from this great month. Our teachers advise us to live the whole year as if we […]

Ramadan Advices

Regardless which timetable or country you follow for moon sighting, don’t begin Ramadhan with backbiting & ill thoughts of others. Don’t stand around masajid gossiping about timetables & Saudi Arabia. It will not benefit anybody & only waste your valuable time. If we can learn to detach ourselves from our phones this Ramadhan, it will […]

Love Ramadan for Others

This is why I love Ramadhan! Shukran to the writer Morale: Don’t rebuke any1 who turns up at mosque in Ramadhan only Via: Shaykh Abdul Raheem Love Ramadan for others just as you love it for yourself and rather than rebuking or scolding someone, make sincere du’a for them.

Value Ramadan

Very good reminder of valuing time! May Allah give us Barakah in time & the ability to value our most precious asset Via: Shaykh Abdul Raheem

Ramadhan 24 Hour programme

Hereunder we suggest a 24-hour programme for the month of Ramadhan. It is an example of spending our time correctly. The programme starts from Maghrib till Maghrib the following day. Read: “O You who are Great in Bounties, forgive me”, as many times as possible before Iftar. Make du’a 5 to 10 minutes before Iftar. […]

The Meaning of Ramadan

By Khalid Baig Fasting during Ramadan was ordained during the second year of Hijrah. Why not earlier? In Makkah the economic conditions of the Muslims were bad. They were being persecuted. Often days would go by before they had anything to eat. It is easy to skip meals if you don’t have any. Obviously fasting […]

Don’t Let the Sand of Ramadhan Slip Away

Imagine that you are on the beach. You are four years old. The camp leader has told you that you have five minutes to build a great castle. “Quickly,” your three year old Ameer tells you, “the sand here is too soft. Run closer to the water and get better sand!” Off you run and […]