Your Deeds Alone Are Faithful

In this world you have three companions:
one is faithful, the others are treacherous.

The latter are friends and possessions;
the faithful one is excellence in deeds.

Your wealth won’t come with you out of your palace;
your friend will come, but only as far as the grave.

When the day of doom comes to meet you,
your friend will say, “I’ve come this far, but no farther. I will stand a while at your grave.”

Your deeds alone are faithful: make them your refuge,
for they alone will accompany you into the depths of the tomb.
Mawlana Jalal al-Din al-Rumi


  • Nigora

    Assalamu alaykum wa rah wa barak: I`m Nigora from Tashkent and telling truth time to time your Articles are so Influeuence My Heart even so GREAT EVEN I CANT DESCRIBE JUST I TEAR THESE HAPPY OF TEAR OF EYES EVEN I SAY MAY GREAT ALLAH BLESS YOU MAY MAKES GREAT FIRDAWS JANNA PLACES AMEEN! I DUAA YOU I PRAY YOU TILL THE LAST BREATH AMEEN!

  • Islam Pakhtoon

    Ameen to that nigora

  • Dr M Sattar

    Assalmu Alaikum,

    I sincerely say “Alhamdulillah” and Summa Ameen to the Dua of Nigaro.

  • Adrees

    Ma Sha Allah great quote and life lesson for us all.
    Also good comments above from Nigora.


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