The Student of Shaykh Sirri

A disciple of the great Sufl Shaykh Sirri relates that Shaykh Sirri once had a female student who’s son visited an Alim. The Alim sent him to work the hand mill. On his way there the child fell into a lake and drowned. The Alim then informed Shaykh Sirri about the incident. Shaykh Sirri accompanied his companions to see the mother. He related the virtues of patience and of being content with fate. She wondered aloud, “What is the motive behind these words”. He informed her that her son has drowned. She cried, “My son?” He replied, ”Yes”. She proclaimed, “Allah has not done this.” Shaykh Sirri informed her that there is no doubt that her child has drowned. She demanded, “If what you say is true then take me to that place.”

They took her to the river and showed her the place in which he had drowned. She called out, “Mohammad, Mohammad my son”. All of a sudden he replied, “I am here mother”. When she heard his voice she went into the water, holding him by the she pulled him out and then took him home. Shaykh Sirri turned to Junaid (one of the great Sufi Shaykhs’) in amazement and asked, “What is this? “He said, this woman adorns herself with obedience to the Creator and the blessing of that, if there is any matter concerning her, she is informed first of it, and because she was not informed that her son has drowned, she denied her son had died and said Allah has not done this”.


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