Virtues of Makkah – pt1

While departing from Makkah, Rasullullah (sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) halted on a plateau, faced the Qibla and said: “By Allah! You are the most beloved portion of Allah’s earth to me, and verily you are the most beloved portion of the earth to Allah too. Verily you are the best, spot on the face of the earth. And the most beloved to Allah. If your people did not expel me, I would not have departed from you.” (Al-Muatta) Rasullullah (sallallahu alaiyhi

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Demonstrating Love for Allah

Hajj is a demonstration of love for Allah. The flavour of love which permeates the acts of Hajj distinguishes it from other Ibaadat. Thus those who posses love for Allah is deficient, it will be strengthened by their engagement in the acts of love which belong to the Ibaadat of Hajj. Love for Allah established in the heart will solidify one’s Deen. The presence of love for Allah in the heart establishes one’s Deen on a firm basis. Hajj is

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8 Ways to Earn Even After Death

8 ways to earn even after your death. Give a copy of the Qur’an to someone. Every time they read from it, you gain. Donate a wheelchair to a hospital. Each time a sick person uses it, you gain. Teach someone to recite a Dua. Share a Qur’anic CD. Participate in building a Mosque. Place a water cooler/ well in a public place. Plant a tree. You gain whenever a person or animal sits in its shade or eats from it.

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The True Value of 90 Minutes

Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah on one occasion spoke on the theme of valuing time. As part of the talk, Shaykh very beautifully explained how much loss is incurred through futile activities. He took the example of watching or listening to 90 minutes of football and questioned what benefit 90 minutes bring to a person. The fact is that we don’t gain anything! If we take into account alternative actions of virtue, we will very quickly realise the great loss.

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