Sunnah: The Way to Live Your Life

This is a lecture titled Sunnah: The way to Live Your Life delivered by Shaykh Rafiq Sufi at the Youth Tarbiyyah Conference (London) 2011.

Whoever follows the Sunnah

“Whoever follows the Sunnah, he does not need to worry about his Deen or Dunya. Allah looks after him.”

Shaykh Muhammad Yunus Jownpuri

Sunnah of Fasting

Here are some Sunnah for Fasting

  1. To partake in Suhur (Sehri), the pre-dawn meal
  2. To break the fast immediately after sunset
  3. To open the fast with Dates
  4. To pray Tarawih prayer at night
  5. To be generous in giving Charity
  6. To increase your recital of the Holy Quran

Importance of Sunnah

Beautiful speech about the importance of sunnah delivered by Shaykh Hassan Ali (Hafizahullah) in Masjid-E-Usman Walsall on 31/03/2013.

7 Precious Advices regarding Recent Events

Precious Advice

by Shaykh-al-Hadith, Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullah

During these critical times, the Muslims should observe the following:

1. With love and reverence, carefully study the beautiful life of our beloved Prophet sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam from authentic reliable sources.

2. Frequently make mention of this beautiful life to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

3. Distribute leaflets and booklets which cover aspects of this great life far and wide.

4. Give place to his illuminating teachings in your daily life so that others can appreciate the greatness of his exemplary conduct.

5. Send salutations and greetings upon him in abundance.

6. Supplicate to Allāh ta‘ālā, beseeching Him to pardon our sins and to grant us assistance and protection from all evil.

7. Exercise patience and remain within the boundary set by our beloved Prophet sallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam.


Sunnah of Miswaak

Maulana Khalil Patel of Rahma Mercy talks about the Sunnah of Miswaak.