When entering someone’s home

When entering somebody’s home look after your eyes and tongue.

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Tips for muslims using social media

Hereunder follow a brief set of tips for using social media with caution and good manners. Be wary of sharing messages before verifying its authenticity. It is all too easy to forward on Whatsapp messages without taking time to validate if it is true or not. As well as ruining lives this can hurt the feelings of family and friends in the community. The Prophet (peace & blessings upon him) said, “ it is sufficient for a person to be considered a

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Social Manners with the Elderly

5.1 RESPECT AND FAVOUR THE ELDERLY Recognize the status of the elderly and give them due respect. When walking with them, walk slightly behind, to their right. Let them enter and exit first. If you meet them, greet them properly and respectfully. If you discuss something with them, let them speak first, and listen to them attentively and graciously. If the conversation involves debate, you should remain polite, calm, and kind-hearted and you should lower your voice. Never forget to

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