An Evil Glance

Cast an evil glance Shaytan begins to dance For an arrow has been shot to the heart And a darkness has enveloped it After the glance, the darkness leaves but the heart is adversly affected Only the effect of sincere taubah can return the blemished heart to the pure condtion it enjoyed before.

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The Story of Barseesa

There was a man who lived amongst the children of Israel named Barseesa. His worship and devotion to Allah was so great that we call him ‘aabid bani Isra’eel’: the great worshipper from the Children of Israel. During his time, the King of the land made a call for men to join the army to fight in a jihad against an enemy. Amongst those who wanted to sign up were three brothers, but there was one problem. They had one

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Pediatricians ban TV for Toddlers

As if its not already obvious the harm and detriment the TV causes to children and adults.  I still thought it would be good to share this article I came accross a little while back. by David Burke A policy statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics has made clear what many parents have suspected for a long time: Television is bad for young children. In the Academy’s journal Pediatrics the report’s authors write: “Pediatricians should urge parents to avoid

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