Wake Up!

by a dear sister Bismillah Al Rahman, Al Raheem: “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar” you hear the athaan go on. But you still decide to procrastinate, even when your family yells, “Come on!” You think, “I still have time, before I really have to pray, ‘Asr is still hours away.” Your head is saying “Go” but the Shaytaan is saying “No” so you go on anyway. You go to your bed and decide to lie down, for just a few minutes

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Love Allah

by Fatima Asmal Rehana looked up from her cup of tea, and shook her head disapprovingly. “How do I look, Azhar?” Tasneem, her 20-year-old daughter was asking her brother, as she made her way to the breakfast table. “Fat,” giggled 14-year-old Azhar, returning to his plate of sausages and eggs. “Fat is exactly what you are going to be, if you keep stuffing your face like that,” Tasneem retorted, admiring herself in the Defy oven. Clad in her tightest pair

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This morning was a cold walk accross the park to work. I made sure that I was prepared by putting on my big coat, woolly hat and gloves before even leaving the house. So what? Well, we are always reminded, either in the quran, ahadith or by others, of the temporary nature of this life in the dunya, yet we still remain ignorant to prepare for when we have to leave this world. The journey to work/ school etc. for

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