Muslim Only by Name

Author unknown

I am a muslim but only by name
when it comes to practicing, what a shame!

I go to friends and relatives in suit and tie
it’s all right if i occasionally lie.

yes i practice but when it suits me
more to the point ,when it pleases the society.

if i show my ankles, they’ll point and laugh
they’ll think it’s too short and reckon i’m daft.

if i trim my moustache and grow the beard
they’ll reckon i’m a fanatic or something weird.

if i wear the sunnah i’ll get great reward
but the kuffar will look down on me, that i can’t afford.

yes i’m a muslim but only by name,
i make excuses, which i admit are rather lame.

yes i’m a sane man and i’m on the right track
who am i kidding, i feel like a right jack!

The best thing is no one can hear what’s going on inside
people think i’ve got it made and with my life i’m satisfied.

But i’m afraid this is a fable and it’s pure deception
i have no peace of mind but this i daren’t even mention.

if i remain ignorant it’s OK cos then i don’t have to practice
yes i’m convincing and these are baseless evil tactics.

But I read the kalimah and I think I have imaan
I can’t help my attitude I was placed in a Kufrastaan.

yes i’m a muslim but only by name
and with my precious life i’m playing a foolish disastrous game.

Source: Mufti Says


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