Mufti Yusuf Mullan

Shaykh Yusuf Mullan began his studies at the Islamic Institute, Dewsbury, U.K at the age of thirteen, where he completed the memorization (hifz) of the Glorious Quran, while concurrently learning the Urdu language. He went on to complete the Dars-e-Nizami curriculum of Islamic studies under traditional scholars in Flintham, Nottinghamshire.

Upon the completion of his studies in the U.K, Shaykh Yusuf continued on to the Badral-Uloom Institute in Rahimyarkhan, Pakistan where he completed a detailed course on the Exegesis (tafseer) of the Holy Quran. He then proceeded to Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi [http://www.darululoomkhi.edu.pk/], one of the premier traditional institutions in the Muslim world. Here, after intense study, he attained his Masters Equivalent in Islamic Theology (Alamiyya Sannad) with the highest standing, finishing third out of 175 students.

Shaykh Yusuf continued in Karachi, where he did his specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Verdicts (Takhassus fil Fiqh wal Fatwa – Ifta’) under, among others, Mufti Taqi Uthmani and Mufti Mahmood Ashraf Uthmani. In the final exams of the first year, he obtained a 96.66% average, the highest average in the entire institute of approximately 3000 students. Shaykh Yusuf has express permission to relate many books of hadith on the authority of his auspicious teachers.

Upon returning to Canada after over a decade of studying abroad, he founded and is now the director of the Toronto Shariah Program [www.shariahprogram.ca], an innovative North American initiative which attempts to cover all twelve of the sciences taught in the Dars-e-Nizami curriculum. Aware of the fact that few have the means and freedom from responsibilities to pursue full-time Islamic education in a Muslim country for a prolonged period, Shaykh Yusuf devised a 5 year curriculum to be taught just on weekends. Presently, the program has been in session for a year, enabling dozens of dedicated students to now study traditional Islamic education under qualified instructors and a classical methodology. Shaykh Yusuf lives in Toronto with his wife and two children, Rasheeda and Hisham.

Source: www.shariahprogram.ca

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  • Fatima

    Maa shaa Allah, Baraka Allah feakum
    I am a pensionner Arab lady, had an A Level in Arabic language and never tasted the sweetness of the Arabic like I do when watching your videos . In shaa Allah my enjoyment of Al-Qura’an is higher now
    Hafidakum Allah
    Aslaha Allah Rasheeda wa Hishaam wa Hadaahuma
    Aslaha Allah wa hadaa all the children of the world


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