A Pious Saint relates that our boat was crushed by strong tides and my wife and I were left clinging onto on a plank of wood. In this state she gave birth to a baby girl. She called out to me, “Thirst will kill me”. I shouted back, “Allah is surely watching us.”

All of a sudden a man appeared floating on thin air holding a cistern before us. He said, “There is water in it, drink”. I took it and we drank from it. The water was cool and scented. I asked, “Who are you?” “A servant of your Lord”, he replied. I asked “How did you get to this stage?” He said, “I left my desires for His pleasure and now He has given me the ability to do this”. Having said this he disappeared.

A Pious Saint relates that once we were in Askalaam and a young man visited us. He stayed for some time and talked to us. When we finished he prayed and then bid us farewell. He was going to Alexandria. I walked out of Askalaam with him and offered him a few dirhams, but he refused to accept. When I insisted, he took a handful of sand in his pot, added some water and then murmured something. Amazingly it turned into flour, He said: “One whose condition with his Lord is like this, is he in need of Dirhams?


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