Help from Khadir

Ibraheem al-Khawwas relates, in my travels there was once an occasion when I felt so thirsty that I passed out. Some water was sprinkled to bring me round again. My eyes opened. I saw a man of outstanding beauty riding a grey horse. He offered me some water and requested that I accompany him on his horse. After a short while he enquired, “What do you see?” I suprisingly replied, “Madinah!” He then said, “Proceed to the Mosque and send Salam upon the Prophet (SAW) and tell him that your brother Khadir also sends you Salam.”

A pious man relates, once I remained in the desert of Hijaz for a few days without any food. I desired to eat bread and lentils but thought, “I am in the middle of the desert the distance between it and the nearest country namely, Iraq seems too vast”. I was still contemplating this when a Bedouln called from far, “lentils and bread”. I turned immediately and advanced towards him and asked. “Do you have lentils?” “Yes.” he replied. Consequently he laid his cloth and utensils on the ground and took out some bread and served lentils. He said, “Eat” and so I began to eat. Once I had completed my portion he insisted I ate some more, I therefore continued. Again when I had finished he maintained, “Eat” and so I continued. He persistently continued until the fourth time I stopped and said “I swear by the one who has sent you to me, who are you?” He replied “Khadir” and then disappeared.

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