Fight Laziness

Early to bed and early to rise are habits taught by the Messenger pbuh.

Those who unnecessarily or habitually delay going to bed may not realise the harm to their mental, physical, spiritual & social well being.

Similarly those who get up very late each day, allowing laziness to overpower them would have their share of obstacles & negativities as a result.

Once this becomes a habit, it can lead to the break up of marriages, feuds within the families, flaring of tempers, loss of income, failure at school or work, loss of concentration, a constant lathargic feeling and becoming an irritation to those we live with.

It can also cause deep unexplained discontentment, sadness or even put us into a depressive mode. We MUST fight laziness to succeed!

Mufti Ismail Menk


  • Abdulganiyu

    nice piece. jazakallahu khairan

  • ismïél

    assalaam u alaykum brother ahmed

    nice one!

  • P A Raheem

    Asslaamoalaikum. This may not be true in every case. I know a family where everyone sleep late and rise late. But they have been progressing in worldly life continously and also perform their religeous duties regularly.

  • Aisha Njidda

    Assalamu Alaikum,..Brothr Raheem how den do dey pray fajr or could it b dt dey ll wake up pray n go back to sleep?


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