Assalam Alaykum

Insha’allah Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq will be delivering the Dars of the abridged Sahih Bukhari tonight (Fri 8:15pm BST) and will also deliver a talk ‘The Righteousness of the Four Caliphs’ tomorrow (Sat 9:10pm BST). 

Insha’Allah both these events will be broadcast online at http://akacademy.eu/ and AK Academy Paltalk.  The Bukhari Dars will continue to be on the Book of Hajj.  Given that, Insha’Allah we will all perform Hajj at some point in our life we really should make an effort to listen to this Dars in order to benefit from it.

Please pass this message onto family and friends, by email, posting on your own website/ blog and sharing the message on any forums you visit.  Think of it as a pyaramid scheme but rather than earning money you can earn good deeds by encouraging others to listen/ attend these events.  Insha’Allah with a little effort and action on our part we can make a difference and share this with our fellow brothers and sisters in Islam.  As Shaykh himself has said before, this knowledge of the ahadith of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم is priceless, and he has taken the time out to share it with us for FREE, so please do listen yourself AND inform others.  Make use of the bookmark buttons below too!

‘Whomsoever guides towards a goodness, will get virtues equal to the one who performs that goodness.’ [Muslim]

Wasalam Alaykum.

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