Correcting a Child

Those who always lose their temper when correcting a child do more harm than good. Such an approach can have long term effects causing rebellion, addictions, disorders, involvement in vice and other bad traits.

Those who make an effort to train and educate children in the most loving manner, spending much time with them, never giving up on them, always praising their little achievements stand a better chance of succeeding.
Mufti Ismail Menk


  • Bilal A.

    I agree 100%

  • annonymous

    I wish my dad was like that

  • uwayis siraj

    My father, was loving and too much kind not only for me but also for my friends.he showed me the way of love,respect and kindness.No matter how he went Akira,I am still benefiting from what he had thought me.Alhamdullilah for giving me such a lovely and understandable father.And Insha Allah I wish to be in Jennah with him.and I wish to be like him for my children.

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