Blessings in the Grave

It has been related from those who used to dig graves that once a grave was dug in some city. In this particular grave a man appeared, sitting on a throne. On seeing this, the grave digger ran and fell unconscious. His companions, not knowing what had happened carried him away.

When night fell, he came round and related the whole incident. Obviously intrigued with what they had heard, the companions requested the man to point out the grave in order that they may experience themselves this unusual phenomena for themselves. He agreed to show them at first light, so his companions lay in wait for daybreak.

That night he saw the same man from the grave in a dream warning him, “I swear by Allah if you show anybody my grave you will receive great punishment.”  The man awoke sweating and breathless. He realised the location of the grave should not be disclosed.

He repented and refused to show anyone. This angered the people but despite their anger the grave digger would not disclose the site of the grave. They were never to know were the grave was.


  • JazakAllah itni piyari tahreer ka, Thank you may Allah bless you for this good topic.

  • yusufpype hyundaized

    Allahu akbar. This is so surprising and scary. ℓ̊ wonder who the kind ☀̤̣̈̇f person he is Α̲̅πϑ reson why he doesnt want other grave diggers to know his grave. Jazakallu khair.


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