Auspiciousness of tears

It is related by Abdullah bin Masood that the Apostle of God said: “The tears that fall from the eyes of a truthful Believer, out of the fear of the Lord, and, then, roll down his face, however little they are, even of the size of a fly [i.e., just one drop], shall prevent the Fire of Hell from [touching] his face.”
Ibn Majah

It shows that the face that gets wet, at any time, with tears shed in response to the fear of the Lord will remain protected from the Fire of Hell.

When the happy tidings of protection against the Fire of Hell are given in a Tradition, as a result of performing a virtuous deed, it, generally, means that it is the characteristic attribute of that deed, and God will keep him safe from the infernal Fire who will carry it out provided that he is not guilty of a mortal sin which calls for the punishment of Fire, or if he has ever committed a sin entailing damnation, he has offered sincere repentance for it and resolved not to do it again. It must not be taken for an attempt at explaining away a difficulty but even in our common parlance such a condition is supposed to be implied with a promise or assurance of that kind.

Source: Marif ul Hadith


  • mero

    Two eyes are protected from fire of Hell

    1- eye cried from fear from ALLAH

    2 – stayed overnight alert protecting & defend for ALLAH

    Very good aricle but i prefer to define KHSHO2 AS BOTH fear &LOVE of ALLAH..
    which is the top of faith ..

    May ALLah blesse u.

  • Suhailah

    I want to add something…
    We should not fear Allah swt just because of his hellfire, but also because of love for him. A little boy who love his father would be scared to disappoint him and will always want to make him proud by doing what he orders and likes and leave what he hates and forbids. Our love for Allah swt should be like that.

  • Nazia

    True Suhailah x

  • Emaan


    I have a question in regards to this article. The tears that fall from the eyes of a true believer but in response to sorrow or hurt, not the fear of Allah, is this sinful? Could you please shed some light on this type of situation.

    May Allah be Pleased with You.


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