Abu Muslim Kholani (R.A)

It is a well known miracle of Hadhrat Ibraaheem (A.S) that Namrud, the infidel king, had cast him into the fire to burn him alive but by the Mercy of Allah Ta’ala, the fire didn’t harm even a single hair of his head.

Allah Ta’ala manifested a similar incident for Hadhrat Abu Muslim Kholani (Rahmatullaah Alayhi), a venerable Buzrug of the Ummat-i-Muhammadiyyah.

Aswad `Ansi of Yemen, a false claimer of prophethood summoned Hadhrat Abu Muslim and asked him to verify his claim. Hadhrat Abu Muslim flatly refused to do so saying he firmly believed only Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) to be the last prophet of Allah. Furious, Aswad Ansi asked for a huge fire to be built. He then had Abu Muslim thrown it in, but Allah Ta’ala in His Divine mercy did not allow the fire to harm him and he came out of it alive. His people advised Aswad Ansi to let him alone, but, they said if he stays here he will turn the people against you, so it is best that you banish him forever. Aswad acted upon their advice and ordered Abu Muslim Kholani to leave the country.

From Yemen, Hadhrat Abu Muslim made his way to Madina-e-Tayyibah. By the time he arrived in the city, Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) had died and Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A) had become the first Khalifah. When he came to the Musjid-e-Nabawiy, Hadhrat Abu Muslim tied his camel to a post and standing behind a pillar started offering Salaat. Hadhrat Umar (R.A) saw him and asked, ‘Where are you from?’ ‘Yemen’, was the answer.

As news of a Muslim being thrown into the fire and his remaining safe by the grace of Allah Ta’ala, had by this time reached Madina. Hadhrat Umar (R.A) asked, ‘What about our friend their who had been thrown into a fire by the enemy of Allah but had come out alive?’ ‘That was Abdullah ibn … (Soab).’ Abdullah bin Soab was also Hadhrat Abu Muslim’s name.

Hadhrat Umar (Radhiallaahu Anhu) said, ‘Swear upon Allah Ta’ala that you aren’t he?’ ‘Yes, it is I,’ Hadhrat Abu Muslim replied.

Hadhrat Umat got up, kissed him on the forehead and too him to Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A).

‘Praised be Allah Ta’ala that I am alive to see the person who went through exactly that which Hadhrat Ibraaheem (A.S) had gone through.’ He told Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A).

Hadhrat Abu Muslim Kholani lived to see the rule of Hadhrat Mu’awiya (R.A). Mu’awiya (R.A) used to accord him great respect and he kept on giving advice, sometimes even harsh advice on Hadhrat Mu’awiya (R.A) who listened to it with great attention and respect.

Once during the rule of Hadhrat Mu’awiya (R.A), government officials had not received their salaries for three months. One day, when Hadhrat Mu’awiya stood up to deliver a Khutbah, Abu Muslim broke in saying, ‘O Mu’awiya (R.A) this wealth is not yours, nor your father’s nor mother’s.’

Hadhrat Mu’awiya (R.A) gestured to the people to wait, went inside and took a bath. He then returned and said, ‘O people! Abu Muslim has said that this wealth does not belong to me, nor to my father nor mother. Abu Muslim is right, and I have heard Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) saying that anger is cased by Satan and Satan is born of fire and water puts out a fire. Thus, whenever one of you feels angry, he should go and take a bath. Now, you may all go and receive your wages. May Allah Ta’ala bestow abundances in them.’
Madrasah In’aamiyyah

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