A Pond of Milk

Once there was a king who told some of his workers to dig a pond. Once the pond was dug, the king made an announcement to his people saying that one person from each household has to bring a glass of milk during the night and pour it into the pond. So, the pond should be full of milk by the morning. After receiving the order, everyone went home. One man prepared to take the milk during the night. He thought that since everyone will bring milk, he could just hide a glass of water and pour inside the pond. Because it will be dark at night, no one will notice. So he quickly went and poured the water in the pond and came back. In the morning, the king came to visit the pond and to his surprise the pond was only filled with water! What has happened is that everyone was thinking like the other man that “I don’t have to put the milk, someone else will do it.”

Dear friends, when it comes to help the Religion of Allah, do not think that others will take care of it. Rather, it starts from you, if you don’t do it, no one else will do it. So, change yourself to the way of Allah to serve Him and that will make the difference.


  • zeeshan

    everyone is given a duty and we must follow it

  • INSHALLAH only if ALLAH SW wills . I am begging ALLAH SW for mercy and hidayath on me so that i can teach my muslim brothers and sisters but the life of this delusion world is stopping me from ILM of ALLAH SW . I need to learn arabic but couldnt , i need to pray 5 times but couldnt , May ALLAH SW grant me hidayath so that i can be ALIM and be a servant of ALLAH SW and Ghulam of SAAS.

    ALLAHAMDULLILAH ALLAH SW changed me a lot you can see at http://qariahmedali.webs.com in blog section.

    Read Salaam for SAAS and Pray for UMMAT.

  • zakariya

    this is the stories that i will sand to all inshallah salams to all

  • Asma

    My name is Asma and I am 12 years old.I love learning about Islam because it’s my fav subject at school!I espically love listening to islamic stories!Mashallah!I will tell all my friends about this great site and these amazing stories!

  • Nabila

    Subhanallah may Allah show us the right path


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