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Knowledge makes you free from the chains of ignorance, and revives your heart, knowledge takes you out from the darkness of suspicions and superstitions, and gives a new light to your eyes. Hazrat Abu Ali Saqfi

More Knowledge?

You do not act according to the knowledge that you have already attained, then why are you desirous of more knowledge? Hazrat Sirri Saqti

On the Way to Attending Study Sessions

If you attend a study-session, behave only like someone who wishes to increase his knowledge and to win greater recompense from God. Do not behave like someone who is content with what he has, who is looking for some fault to criticise or a curious detail to hawk around. This would be the behaviour of […]


Ilm is that asset which not only increases one’s knowledge and respect in his community, but it also makes his heart pure and keeps it protected from evils. It also teaches the heart and soul to live according to the commands of Allah Taa’la. Source: The True Knowledge

Etiquettes of seeking ‘ilm

Source: Madrassah Al Zahra Publication – Al ‘Ilmun Nafi’ Before one sets out to seek knowledge we must bear in mind there are etiquettes for seeking knowledge. Only when one attains knowledge according to them, will the knowledge gained be beneficial. If we have no respect for the knowledge that we gain, that knowledge will […]

Etiquettes of Students

If you are a student, then you should observe the praiseworthy rules of a student’s dealing with a learned man. These rules are: to greet the learned man first to speak little in his presence not to speak much so long as his teacher does not ask him anything not to ask him questions before […]

Value Ilm

“There are two ways of recognizing how to value and appreciate ‘ilm, (1) Become a seeker of knowledge (taalibe ilm). (2) Do not restrict this knowledge to knowing only.” Mufti Mohammed Shafi (r.a.)