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Ch 19: Islam, the Perfect and True Religion

Isabella did not say anything after this and all those present were struck dumb. The Christian women put their heads down in humility, while Muslims seemed to be pleased in their minds. The Christian woman herself sat silent and found no word to say. When Isabella noticed her helplessness she spoke again. Isabella: Well, you […]

Ch 18: A White Lie

The light of guidance of Islam is the greatest boon of Allah which He confers from His unknown treasure on whomsoever He likes. Isabella is the daughter of a great Christian priest, was a strict Christian herself and a scholar of Christian theology, but now she is a Muslim saint, a traditionist, a devotee and […]

Ch 17: Duty of Islamic Government

The Muslims had learnt the details of the secret meeting which was convened by Christians and that Isabella’s letter had cooled down all their ambitions. After four or five days in the company of Ziad b. Umar eminent exponents of Islam and divines assembled. Isabella and her friends were also present there when one of […]

Ch 16: A Secret Meeting

Before giving proceedings of this and other meetings let us have a look at the Church of Saint Peter and the monastery and see what happened to the monk of the monastery and its nun, and how the head priest (Isabella’s father) and Michael (Mirano’s father) received the news and what situation was created among […]

Ch 15: Princess of France

Soon after Isabella was taken to the large room in which her friends were sitting and the monk informed them that Princess Arkia would come shortly after finishing her preliminary prayer and then he left. Now Mirano, Mertha and Hanana found the opportunity to talk secretly to Isabella. They had full talk about their present […]

Ch 14: A Complete Change

One day Mirano, Mertha and Hanana went to the head priest and told him that as Isabella was their classmate and was also amenable to their advice, so if they were permitted to talk to her they might be able to bring her back to the Christian fold. This last chance of persuasion might be […]

Ch 13: A Conspiracy

While Isabella was in her room, a maidservant gave a letter in her hand which read: “Sister Isabella, I have to talk to you on some important things, so be kind to take the trouble of coming here at once. The matter is very important. You should not delay at all. Just now I am […]