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Many Gifts

Allah you have granted me many gifts Throughout my life I have always found Your blessings showered on me abound Of all the blessings you have chosen to give Imaan is the most valued and then the┬áchance to live For I know I have been ungrateful in the past Sinning like forever I would last […]

Try Your Best

When you know you are trying your best, When to please your Maker you never rest. Then excuse those who do not see the light, In what you stand for and constantly fight. Those who unjustly try to serve a punch, The Almighty Alone protects from that bunch. Those who say a lot but know […]


When things are down And you are out of your mind Remember just remember Allah is The Kind. When your life is in darkness And nothing is right Remember just remember Through the darkness, Allah is The Light. When nothing makes sense And your heading for demise Remember just remember It doesn’t make sense, but […]

My Yearning

O Allah, my yearning for You is even more intense than constant thirst for cool water on a very hot day.

Am I Grateful?

Am I truly grateful for each breath that I take, For each and every moment that I am awake? Do I thank Allah for my restful sleep, And for the dreams that cause me to weep? Am I honestly thankful to the Almighty One, For the early morning mist, the bright, rising sun? During Fajr […]