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Rabiul Awwal

The month of Rabi’-Ul-Awwal is considered to be amongst the most special and significant months, because mankind was blessed with the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw). Regarding this special event Allah (swt) has stated in the Holy Quran “We have sent him (Muhammad saw) as a source of mercy for the A’alimeen (humans, […]

Rights of the Prophet

Delivered by Shaykh Ahmad Ali

The Death of the Messenger(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam)

COMPLETION OF HIS TASK: When Islam reached the pinnacle of perfection, these words were sent down by Allah: ‘Today ! have perfected your religion for you, and I have completed My blessing on you, and I have approved Islam for your religion.'(5: 3) The Messenger(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) of Allah had conveyed the message truthfully, he […]

The Farewell Hajj

THE PROPHET’S FAREWELL HAJJ: When Allah had purified the Ka’bah from desecration and the idols were destroyed, the Muslims yearned to perform hajj again. The mission of the Messenger(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) of Allah was also nearing completion and it was necessary for him to bid farewell to his loving Companions. So Allah gave permission to […]

The Year of Delegations

DELEGATIONS: After Makkah had been conquered and the Prophet had returned victorious from Tabuk, Arab delegations began to pour into the heart land of Islam. They learned about Islam, saw the character of the Messenger(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) of Allah, and the life-style of his Companions. Tents were erected for them in the courtyard of the […]

The Tabuk Expedition

THE TABUK EXPEDITION: The Arabs had never thought of fighting or attacking the Romans. They probably considered themselves to be not strong enough for that task. The Romans, however, remembered the Mu’tah expedition and were still a threat. The Messenger(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) of Allah decided to lead a Muslim army into Roman territory before the […]

The Expedition of Ta’if

THE SIEGE OF THE THAQIF: The soldiers of Thaqif who had escaped from Hunayn retreated to Ta’if. They locked the city gates after storing sufficient provisions for a year. Then they prepared for war against the Muslims. The Messenger(sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) of Allah and his army went to Ta’if at once and pitched camp outside […]