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A Good Sealing State: Husn al-Khatima

By Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf The final state of a person at the time of death is what matters in the Hereafter. In this article, we discuss some of the causes for both good and evil sealing states, and how a person’s inner traits will dominate at the time of death. In a hadith […]

The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch6

Ahmad felt pure. A feeling of a happiness that is indestructible; and this happiness is one that can only be felt after doing a deed pleasing to Allah while continuing on a right path. Ahmad walked down the street listening to the birds around chirping, praising Allah in ways He (Allah) knows best. Suddenly Mo […]

The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch5

Both Ahmad’s parents sat around his hospital bed as he lay there unconscious. Suddenly Ahmad’s eyes began to flutter, and then after a minute his eyes slightly opened. “AllahuAkbar! My son! How are you feeling?!” Ahmad’s mother asked as she bent over holding her son’s hands with hers. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. […]

The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch4

Ahmad ran down the road towards his friend Mo. “Yo Ahmad! Where were you?!” Mo called out as Ahmad ran towards him. “Ah! It’s my parents again! They filled my ears again with all that religious rubbish.” “Haha! Don’t they have a life? I mean, Allah says He is forgiving, so as long as we […]

The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch3

Ahmad’s Father, Muhammad, sat at the breakfast table staring down, watching the steam from his hot tea rise up into the air. Ahmad’s mother, ‘Aliya, approached Muhammad and sat next to him. “My beloved husband, what makes you sad?” “It is Ahmad. I weep for him. I have had a hard life and never had […]

The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch2

Ahmad lay in his bed fast asleep. The time approached Salatul-Thuhur. Suddenly Ahmad woke up from the sudden shaking of his blankets. “Ahmad! Wake up!” His father called as he shook him awake. “For God Sake! Why? It’s only 1:00pm in the afternoon!” Ahmad called out as he stretched around to stare at his alarm […]

The Boy who tried to escape Death – ch1

Ahmad was a teenage boy at 16 years of age. He had two older brothers and one younger sister. His parents were ones of excellent religious character who tried their best to raise their children to the standards of Islam. It was religion first then education second. They hated when other Muslim friends or family […]