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Dua before Sleeping

اَللّهُمَّ بِسْمِكَ أَمُوْتُ وَ أَحْيَ

O Allah, with Your name I die and live


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  1. Mansoob says:

    Thank you very much for this duaa i was looking all over!

  2. yahya says:

    Thank you for this dua

  3. Sawda says:

    jasaka la khayr

  4. iman says:


  5. Shahrukh says:

    In addition read if easy:

    1. Sura Mulk
    2. Sura Waqiah
    3. Tasbeeh Fatima
    4. Last 3 chapters of Quran
    5. Ayatul Kursi
    6. Last chapter of Sura Baqrah (Amanar-Rasul)

  6. Sam says:

    Is that all

  7. Mohammed Mehraj says:

    Surah Fatiha (4 times)
    Surah Ikhlas (3 times)
    Durood-e-shareef (3 times)
    theesra kalima (4 times)
    Asthaqfar (10 times)

  8. Nur says:

    Thank you very much for this dua

  9. Malik Naveed says:

    Thanks a lots of these dua are beautiful الله اكبر

  10. mehak says:

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx well i knew it already but just wnted to clarifyyyyyyyyyyyyy mashallah the dua is very beatiful n amazin

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx well i knew it already but just wnted to clarifyyyyyyyyyyyyy mashallah the dua is very beatiful n amazin

  11. saeeda says:

    Ayat kursi (3)
    Stagfar (3) if u want ur sins to be forgiven
    Laila Ha illahu muhammad rasoolhah (3)
    Sleeping dua (3)
    You wont have a scary dream

  12. abbas rasool says:

    Thank you a lot brother / sister you have really helped me

  13. Nasira says:

    I was born afghan but never really acted like a mulism, until a couple of weeks ago. I am truly happy to say that I am doing my best to become a true Muslim girl. I’ve have been going to Qur’an class, and I’m starting to pray, I love and truly believe in Allah. <3

  14. melanie says:

    i converted to Islam 2 yrs ago and now im a good muslim girl!

  15. Saleh says:

    We all really appreciate you

  16. thanks for sharing i need this dua as i have problem sleeping at night just can’t sleep hope this might help me

    thanks again

  17. Saifullah says:

    Do you know any dua for when eating food if anyone knows just comment below jazakullah khair very helpful this website Masha Allah


    thanks for this dua

  19. afreena khan says:

    Jazak Allah brother.What an amazing gathering of all duas you have prepared. May Allah give me the hidayah to bring it into my amal…

  20. zeeshan ahmed says:

    Aaslaamaliakum brothers and sisters thnks for sharing a beautiful duas my problem iz during sleeping I was moaning and fear also so plzzzzzz send me for this related duas….

  21. Farhiya says:

    Jazakaallahu kheiran…thnx for sharing

  22. Farhiya says:

    Mashaallah…jazakallahu khairan

  23. fatima says:

    Thanx for the doa :) I was just going to sleep and suddenly couldn’t recall the dua

    So just entered here amd feeling relieve now! Jazak Allah khyre!

  24. Alkaseem says:

    Alhamdulillah i have nothing to say since my boys have said it may allah help us all

  25. ayasha khan says:

    Jazakaallahu kheiran…………

  26. sumit sinha says:


  27. gudgirl4432 says:

    The duaas have powerful meaning thank u 4 helping and telling us n it reverted coz we were born muslims and shall die as muslims inshallah

  28. zeeshan ahmed says:

    aasliamaliakum my dear brothers and sisters my problem is during sleeping i was dosing and horror dreams soo please send me duas for this problem

  29. do says:

    could you spell it out in english

  30. ZOYA ALI KHAN says:


  31. sana says:

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxx I needed to know that dua it is very beautiful

  32. fathima Amra says:

    Jazakallah brothers & sisters for telling these duas.

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