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Surviving at University

by a Muslim Brother There were beer mats everywhere. The whole corridor was covered in an intriguing pattern of small cardboard squares called Carlsberg. There were eight rooms in the corridor but only one kitchen, one toilet and one shower. I had expected the place to be a bit more lively but my friend explained […]

Exam Tips

by Ahmed Format of exam Understand the format of the exam. Is section A compulsory to answer? Do you have a choice of 2 questions from 4 in Section B? I recall our tutor mentioning that some students would answer more questions than actually required, it pays to know how many questions to answer! Attempt […]

A Message to University Graduates

Earlier this week I was part of a group that was invited to attend a University Graduation ceremony. Someone dear to me will also be graduating soon and some very good general advice was given at the ceremony I attended, so I decided to write this little message up to Muslim University Graduates. Graduation day […]

Advice to University Students

Mufti Hussain Kamani offers some beneficial advice to Muslim students going to/ currently at university.

Love for books and reading

In one of his books entitled Said al-khatir an auto biographical memoir, he writes: I may state here my own cast of mind. I am never tired of reading of books and my joy knows no bounds whenever I find a new book… It would appear to be an exaggeration if I say I had […]

Etiquettes for the Seeker of Sacred Knowledge

Etiquettes for the Seeker of Sacred Knowledge and the Snare of Shaytan Shaykh Nazim Mangera, sunniforum.com For a long time I have wanted to discuss some etiquettes about reading Islamic literature and listening to speeches delivered by scholars. We should read and listen with the intention of benefiting from their writings and their speeches. Whatever […]

Beginners guide to Surviving University

Source: As-Sabiqoon Monthly Magazine Issue 9 Sept 2006 Before you is a concise step-by-step guide about surviving at Uni! All I write is based upon my very own experience which has advice in dealing with it life at Uni. It’s worth noting that (as I write) I am a first year and in no way […]